Jon Downing is an experienced Brewmaster who has devoted the past thirty years to enabling his many international clients to produce the highest quality beer. With over 120 brewery start ups completed of all sizes from 1bbl and up, including a pilot brewery for Diageo (Guinness) and an experimental facility for recycling beer, Jon has probably helped more breweries and brewers start on the road to commercial success than any other brewer. Hailing from the UK with its longstanding tradition of brewing many types of beer, Jon did further training at the United States Brewers Academy. He holds a degree in Commerce from Birmingham University, and understands all aspects of opening and running a brewery as a successful business having opened and operated the first Brewpub in Ontario, as well as a local Micro Brewery and Brew on Premise.
Jon’s work has taken him to many countries including Japan, South Korea, Cyprus, the Ukraine, several Caribbean islands and many states, territories and provinces in the U.S. and Canada. Most of his clients are private companies or individuals, however he has also installed breweries for the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force. Jon’s dedication has earned his breweries numerous medals in the World Beer Championships, as well as gold and silver medals at the prestigious Great American Beer Festival. Even after his work at a brewery is complete, the brewers who train under him continue to win awards.
About ten years ago Jon approached Steve Gill and Niagara College with the concept to start up a Brewing program to compliment their Viticulture and Culinary endeavors. It took four years of planning and preparation culminating in the Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management course’s first intake of students in September 2010. In the first six years of the course there have been more than 150 student brewers trained and with a close to 100% employment record the course has become recognized one of the leaders in the world of brewing. As a member of the Master Brewer’s Associations of Canada and the U.S., The Institute for Brewing & Distilling, the American Society of Brewing Chemists and The Association of Brewers he keeps up with and adds to all the latest developments.